KIMO Inc. is a design and fabrication company engaged in prototyping and limited-run production of architectural components and furnishings such as lighting, hardware, furniture, signage, railing systems, custom structural elements and ornament. The company was founded in 1988 by Kimo Griggs.


selected projects

Union Square Benches
fetch! Modular Desk & Table System
IBA Desks
IBA Ticket Booth
IBA Art Tables
Mobile Workstations, Harvard Design School

lighting & components
Rolling Ladder, Private Residence
Sign Mounting System, Farnsworth Art Museum
Wall Sconces
Miracle of Science
Pool Ladder


architectural features
Pool Changing Pavilion
Spire, Church of St. Therese
Erie Street Garage    

stairs & railings
Taylor Burns Railing
Loft Stair
Aluminum & Wood Deck Rail System
Interior Stair
Exterior Stair