Kimo Griggs, President and Principal

Kimo Griggs started Kimo Griggs Architects in 1988, pursuing new residential and commercial work as well as providing restoration services for a variety of building types. Kimo, Inc., a design and fabrication company was begun concurrently to produce prototypes and finished architectural details and components such as lighting, hardware, furniture, railing systems and ornament. This work was developed for use in projects from his own practice as well as those designed in collaboration with other architects and artists.

Kimo is a Professor of Materials and Making at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and also continues to teach at the Yale School of Architecture during the Spring term. He previously  taught at the Harvard Design School, Carnegie-Mellon University, and the Columbia University School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. He received the 2002 Teacher of the Year Award at the Harvard Design School. After graduating from Yale College, he received a one-year fellowship to study at the Architectural Association in London, and then returned to Yale to complete his Masters in Architecture Degree.

Recently, Kimo co-authored a textbook entitled Digital Design and Manufacturing in Architecture published by Wiley. Other books that he has co-authored related to the use of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing) in design practice are available on-line: